How to start learning Android in 2020

Hello folks, first of all, congrats to you that you are going to make your carrier in the world’s most demanding and loving technology ANDROID(According to me). so without wasting your time lets dive into it.

So for learning Android, we need to learn first Java or Kotlin. You do not need to learn Advance concepts of JAVA for starting Android. XML is also there but it is not hard to learn if you played with some simple HTML CSS properties like margin, padding, etc. as per my experience, I have learned java first before jumping into android because I do not want to get stuck into some basic concepts while learning Android. if you have a background of programming like C, C++ that’s going for advantage for you.

So for learning JAVA, there are lots of youtube channels who are really good at teaching Core JAVA. but we need to figure out who is best.

Core Java Resources

So I have learned Core Java for from Durga Sir Core JAVA Playlist. There are 199 videos for CORE JAVA. but I watched 103 only. Yeah, That’s enuff for Starting Android. I am mentioning some best list of core java tutorials.

now we have done with Core Java. Cheers, we are on the right track towards Android development. now its time to learn the Basics of Android. so I have learned all these from online I am really sorry to them who prefer learning from books.

Android Basics Concepts

I will suggest you start with Android’s best beginners Youtube Channel SlideNerd. this is my one of the favorite Youtube channel to learn basic things in a very simplified manner. There are 212 videos on this playlist. You can go for it, dude. Being honest I also have seen only 147-49 videos only from that playlist. because I believe in implementing things after learning them. I think you have the same feeling too for your first Android app. So I am going to put a list of some cool Android Tutorials for learning basic things of Android

So now we have completed an android Basic Stuff. now there is good news we are now going to put our efforts into actions by Making our first Android App.

My First Android Application

So there is always confusion to pick up your first android app but let me give some inspiration. My first Android app was a chat Application which I made by following a Youtube Playlist. and you know what I am having 5k+ installs on that app right now. haha, that’s a true dude. just check out HappyChat: Free Chat With Strangers. I also suggest you build a Chat app for the beginning because you are going to get motivated like me. It’s your choice what you are going to make as your First Android APP Do not forget to send me your App I will love to check it out. Here is a link to the playlist from where I made my first App.

Tips while Learning Android in Beginning

So now You have made your First App Let’s Cheers Buddy. now you are not a beginner you have some cool stuff in your bag. so I am going to give you some tips while learning Android Development in beginning.

  • Make your core java basic concepts very clear.
  • Implement at least 70% concepts of Android which you are learning in tutorials.
  • Always refer to the android official documentation for better understanding.
  • Learn to use Android Studio at the master level. There many things inbuilt which can save your time and efforts like shortcuts etc.
  • Always follow good programming practices.
  • Follow some good Android Developers, join Whatsapp groups for android development. They will help you when you will get stuck somewhere.
  • and in the last do not forget to bookmark my website because I am going to come up with some great Articles on Android Development. (Yeah !! Self Promotion Buddy ).

So these are steps that you can take up and start your android development carrier. If you find any mistakes above there please comment below I will try to correct it. or if you have any suggestions that I should be adding in this post then Your Most Welcome.

That’s it for today. Have fun with Android Development

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4 thoughts on “How to start learning Android in 2020”

  1. Most of the YouTube tutorials are made more than 2 years ago and their IDE is older version. Now things are updated and many functions are deprecated. To use methods like lots of things is something difficult by those video tutorials.And about real documentention on developer site is tough to understand for beginner.Do you have another idea?

    1. Yeah, You are right but I am talking about the beginning of Android Development where you have 0 skills in Android and in the current scenario Android changes are evolving so fast so you have to get updated with your own. That’s why I referred to Documentation.

  2. such a good post for beginner for starting android.Bro can you provide some refernce or complete post for MVVM thankyou in advanced.

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